At P3, we not only specialize in REHAB-BASED PILATES,
but we have a FULL PILATES STUDIO for any body…

…who wants to be healthier and/or work out smarter
…looking to maximize efficiency with their current fitness routine
…looking to improve their strength, posture & fitness
…a dancer
…an athlete
…a runner

Payment options: cash, check or credit card

*ALL Pilates sessions at P3 are by appointment only!

*Package options available 

*Prices as of 2024


Private (Single) $90
   Private (single) with a PT $100
Duo (2 People) $50 each
   Duo (2 People) with a PT $60 each
Semi-private / 4-person / Quad (maximum) classes $35 each
Intro to Pilates (**30 minutes**)  $50 each
*Required for 1st duo, trio or quad / semi-private class if new to Pilates at P3 

All Pilates sessions are 50 minutes (with the exception of “Intro to Pilates”) – by appointment only

P3 offers 4-person (max) classes (semi-private / quad sessions).  If you are interested, please contact us to discuss.  

Intro to Pilates session required prior to starting a new semi-private class, trio or duo*
* Physical Therapists currently instruct private or duo sessions only (no classes) *


Women who are pregnant or recently delivered, please consult with your physician prior to exercise. After giving birth, it is recommended that Pilates participation should not occur until 6 (minimum) to 8 and sometimes 12 weeks.  Please contact P3 with any questions or concerns.


The expiration dates for Pilates sessions & packages are:

Single session = 30 day expiration

10 session package = 120 day expiration

20 session package = 180 day expiration

*No refunds*


In the event of a missed appointment (“no-show”) or cancellation less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled time (“late cancel”), Pilates clients will be charged full price for the missed session.

A credit card must be kept on file in our secure system