“After three decades of struggling with orthopedic problems, Heather Cole, through her stellar coaching, has taken me out-of-pain and helped me gain strength to do daily activities I haven’t enjoyed in years!” – MN

Heather, “In case you didn’t already know, you’re magical and the best physical therapist ever. ‘Dance’ class tonight was a whole new world.. It was crazy. Thank you!” – AK


“For the last five years I assumed I would eventually end up having surgery on my cervical spine.  Neuro surgeons suggested “titanium wedges” or “artificial discs” during consultations. I was referred to Heather Cole, PT,  who worked with me and who then referred me to  Pilates at P3.  Now after less than a year I am feeling strong, with much less pain and much more mobility.

“I can wear normal clothes. I can wear shoes. I can go out for dinner, see a movie, go to church, attend the ballet. I can travel by plane to Miami or Boston for fun, do a five-hour car drive to the mountains for four days of hiking. Yes, I can hike. I can walk. And I have regained functionality of my feet, my hands, my organs.

All of this may sound simple to you, but a year ago, all of this was beyond my reach. In 2011, I became ill and was diagnosed with both seven compromised spinal discs as well as a neurological disease. As a component of my rehabilitation and journey to remission, my doctor at Cleveland Clinic recommended Pilates work, three times a week. For the first year and a half, I worked with another Pilates studio. After a period of initial improvement, my progress leveled off. I then moved to P3.

Working with the P3 team, I have not only made remarkable progress but I have also made it to remission. I have worked with four instructors over the past year, and the entire team is top notch. Each instructor has a deep knowledge and understanding the body that goes well beyond traditional exercise, strength training and conditioning. The team works closely with the physical therapy team and customizes each session for each client as appropriate for the client’s needs. We begin each session with an update on how my body is doing, with the session then focused on work that will continue to improve my strength, balance, mobility and breathe, while also addressing any specific issues or symptoms exhibited that day. The work is holistic and based on thorough and comprehensive knowledge and experience in rehabilitation, wellness and fitness.

I have been working with the P3 team for a year, and I am proud to say that I’ve regained functionality that, even a year ago, my doctor was concerned I might not recapture. When I began working with the team, I told them my objective was to become healthy and strong. Through their guidance and instruction, I have regained health, strength and life.

Now that I have established a solid base, the team is leading me into even more exciting work. My goal now is to be healthy and strong with no qualifiers relative to my age, my back challenges or issues related to my disease. I have complete confidence that I am working with the right team to help me reach and maintain my goal. I feel strong, and I know that even further progress lies ahead.

Through my journey to remission and recovery, I have learned firsthand how critical it is to work with instructors who “know their stuff,” who customize the work and who are committed to precision of form. Our goal is to be strong and healthy, and to accomplish that, we need to challenge our bodies and expand our capabilities. But to do so without risk of injury, we need instructors who pay close attention to the individual, have the necessary knowledge and experience and customize the work. The P3 approach incorporates each of these elements. But the team also combines this knowledge and commitment to its clients with an upbeat, inspiring atmosphere. Not only do we work hard, but we also have fun! In order to maintain a long-term commitment to a discipline, it critical to work with instructors who inspire us to reach beyond our present capabilities in order to develop and discover more. At P3, you will be challenged, and you will be inspired! ~ MJ