What To Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Visit

Each treatment is one-on-one for approximately 50-55 minutes. The treatment plan is highly individualized and depends on the specific diagnosis of each patient.

During your first visit/initial evaluation, we will discuss the reason that you’re seeking physical therapy, your general health & medical history, your daily activities, etc. During the objective portion of the evaluation, the following may be assessed (including, but not limited to):

  • Gait (walking) pattern
  • Posture
  • AROM (active range of motion)
  • PROM (passive range of motion)
  • Strength
  • Reflex testing
  • Sensation testing
  • Soft tissue extensibility & flexibility, fascial restrictions
  • Joint mobility
  • Functional movements

Please Be On Time!

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the initial paperwork
  • Please bring your insurance card(s), a driver’s license/identification, and a copy of any relevant medical imaging results, physician orders, etc.

What should I wear to physical therapy?

Please wear exercise attire or clothing that you can easily move around in & make sure that the body part that is ailing you can be exposed while maintaining modesty. If you are a Physical Therapy patient and are being treated for a(n):

Upper body (neck, upper back or shoulder) issue, you should wear a t-shirt or tank top. Similarly, for a hip, knee or ankle issue, be prepared to roll up your pants to expose both knees or bring shorts.
Lower back issue, be prepared to wear pants with an elastic waistband plus a shirt that easily lifts so the therapist can fully evaluate the movement of your spine.

Doing your PT “homework”

Starting with your first visit, not only will you be educated on the objective findings from the initial evaluation, but you will also be assigned your “homework.” It is our philosophy to not overwhelm you with too much homework and instead give you 2 or 3 things that are specific to your needs to help you get better! As you improve with each visit, your exercises will likely be modified depending on your progress. Your individual home exercise program will be advanced similar to passing through a grade level in school. You have to master each level in order to move on. We both have our responsibilities in making that happen!

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

The state of Tennessee has direct access which allows a patient to be evaluated by a physical therapist without a physician referral (effective July 1, 2007). Although it is not a requirement by the state, some insurance companies require a physician referral in order to reimburse for physical therapy services.

If you are planning on filing your own insurance, it is important to determine whether your insurance company requires a doctor’s referral in order to be treated by a physical therapist. Please contact your insurance company yourself prior to starting physical therapy to find out the policy for “outpatient physical therapy.”

If you would like to be evaluated without a physician’s referral, you may be treated unless the therapist feels there is a need for further diagnostic testing or evaluation. If you are under the direct care of a physician, your initial evaluation & appropriate updates findings will be communicated to your physician.

Payment and Insurance for Physical Therapy

For physical therapy services P3 files with ALL insurance companies, but is only in network with Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

BCBS & Medicare Insurance Carriers

The patient is responsible for his or her payment (deductible, co-insurance and/or co-payment) at the time of service, and P3 will file the claim to these insurance companies.

We do NOT want money to be the reason that you miss out on getting the true care that you need!  We offer payment plans and will work with you/your budget on an individual basis! 

Out of Network Insurance Carriers

P3 happily accepts all other insurances on a self-pay basis. You may be eligible for reimbursement depending on your individual plan (call the phone # on the back of your insurance card and ask about “out of network benefits”).
As of 2024, the initial visit is $190, follow up visits are $130 and re-evaluations (legally required) are $140.

If dry needling is performed, an additional $10 fee will be applied.


In the event of a missed appointment (“no-show”) or unexcused cancellation less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled time,
a $100 fee will be applied. If there are 3 or more missed appointments, there is a risk of discharge at the discretion of the physical therapist, the clinic and/or the owner.


Session rates with the owner will vary for any new PT patients and/or Pilates clients


Due to Medicare rules, we are required to know your
height, weight and complete list of medications/supplements.