Polestar is an international community of research-oriented movement science professionals, transferring advanced knowledge to our clients to improve health and wellbeing through the application of Pilates and various methodologies of movement science.

Polestar Pilates Education

Physical therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist Brent Anderson, PhD guides the Polestar curriculum, a college-level program that is based on a scientific foundation of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and motor control, and integrates scientific research findings in the areas of orthopedics, sports medicine and movement science. Polestar educators individually hold advanced degrees in a variety or movement modalities.

The Polestar Pilates teaching method is interactive*, providing you with tools for critical thinking to make full fitness assessments and design goal-oriented programs. Coursework incorporates:

  • Discussion forums
  • Labs (doing, observing, teaching)
  • Problem solving (utilizing case studies and deductive reasoning)
  • Hands-on teaching (group and individuals)
  • Assessment skills
  • Principles of neuro-linguistics (modeling, sequencing and structuring information, maintaining appropriate learning states)
  • Web tools (online materials, videos, live chats)

There are many options for education opportunities including:
Gateway Pilates, Principles Online, Comprehensive Pilates, Transition/Bridging, Mat & Reformer Pilates, as well as specialty courses.  For more information, CLICK HERE

noun | pole·star | \ˈpōl-ˌstär\

  1. Astronomy. The polestar, or North Star, is a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens, in the constellation Ursa Minor: the outermost star in the handle of the Little Dipper.
  2. a : a directing principle : guide
    b : a center of attraction