Kathryn Phillips, CPI

Certified Pilates Instructor

Kathryn is originally from Orange County, California, where she fell in love with classical ballet at an early age. At 16 she moved to Texas to train in the Professional Division of the Houston Ballet Academy (HBA). While in the academy, she began to implement Pilates into her routine to maintain balance amidst a rigorous schedule. She found that not only did Pilates increase her strength and muscular endurance in dancing, but it helped her avoid suffering from any major dance injuries.

With her deepened appreciation for Pilates, she graduated from HBA and moved to Nashville to continue her career as a professional ballet dancer. After dancing for the 2016-2017 season with Nashville Ballet’s second company, Kathryn decided to pursue a career that allowed her to put her passion for health promotion at the forefront. With this in mind she completed her comprehensive Pilates training through Balanced Body and is certified by Balanced Body and Pilates Method Alliance®. Additionally, Kathryn is currently studying to be a dietician at Lipscomb University, and regularly utilizes her Pilates and dance background to enhance her understanding of the complexities of the human body. Kathryn believes that the best form of exercise is the one that a person enjoys most and that leaves their body feeling rejuvenated. She has found that Pilates is a wonderful tool for teaching the joy of movement, and practices daily to keep her body and soul happy.