Elizabeth Bruckner

Pilates Instructor

Elizabeth grew up in the Pacific Northwest before heading to Southern California for college. After graduating from UCLA, she remained in Los Angeles to work behind-the-scenes in television and news production. She relocated to Nashville in 2010 when she was hired as a PR and marketing coordinator for clients in the music industry. Elizabeth came to know the Pilates Method 10 years ago when she was recovering from knee surgery. Upon finishing the very first session, she was immediately blown away by two things: how much she had been compensating for her injury, and how much better aligned and more functional she felt after just one session. She loved how Pilates allowed her whole body to function better and more harmoniously in everyday life. In 2018, Elizabeth realized her true passion was to help people with injuries regain function and reduce pain, and to guide healthy individuals towards better alignment, improved strength, and prevent injury. She said goodbye to her career as a publicist, traded her power suit for Pilates leggings, and enrolled in the Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Program. Upon completing the rehab-based education program, Elizabeth has been sharing the Pilates Method with others, giving them the tools to navigate life with a healthy and happy body, mind, and spirit.